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The Work

“Home This Was” by Angela Eve and Anastasios Ketsios

A developing collection of work shot over three and a half years surrounding the after effect of Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding in the New Orleans area. In This book we explore how the idea of home as it relates to identity and memory, emotional loss and strength, and the effects of time (physically in the natural and human world) and the sense of time (as a feeling).

Through a mix of portraiture, documentation, landscape, and abstraction we have captured a chaotic living experience for the past two and half years. A long-term project that grew organically. Unable to fit into simple categories, the unfolding and unknowing aspect of the people’s lives mirrored the photography. It is a large reason we kept shooting.

We began this project 7 days after the hurricane hit and have continued to the present. The project is a living passage. A ongoing book project comprised of seven chapters that touch on the emotional, spiritual, and physical condition in the New Orleans area.

There are approximately 150 images- portraits, landscapes, documentary, and abstracts- taken in 35mm and medium format. In addition we photographed collected artifacts from devastation sites and documented graffiti from the area. These are combined with direct quotes taken from hours of tape recorded conversations with residents and relief workers. All in an attempt to help the residents, us, and the viewer communicate and understand their situation deeper than a 2 minute news break.

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